Victory Tools Forge Force Induction for Blacksmiths 15 KW

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Victory Tools Forge Force Induction

An induction forge uses the principle of electro-magnetic induction to heat metals and is remarkably quick, very green and efficient.

The metal to be heated is placed inside water cooled coils. A high frequency current is passed through the coils which induces eddy currents in the work piece and causes it to heat up rapidly. The temperature can get to close to 1500 C in seconds.

An induction heater avoids the time lost in lighting a forge and bringing it up to temperature, this allows efficient forging of a single work piece. In addition there are no carbon emissions from the fuel.

By positioning the work piece, or the design of the coil, localised heating can be achieved.

What is Induction Heating <<click this link for more information 

As part of our tool range we are now the sole importers of energy efficient, high frequency induction heaters. We offer these high quality units in several sizes and types for use by blacksmiths and small workshops. These are high quality professional heaters, not to be confused with cheaper copies available from other suppliers online.

With each sale we offer 2 hours free training in our workshop where we can give you guidance on the machines uses and types of coil parameters.  We hold the coils in stock in various sizes and manufacture to the requirements of your machine for optimum heat efficiency. Alternatively for those further afield you will be able to watch our YouTube tutorial !  These machines can be part funded by carbon charter. I strongly believe these are going to be the one of the main future fuels of our industry.

We offer telephone support with each sale and hold spares should a machine get damaged.

Important information:

The length of the coil must be matched to the wind ratio of your machine, otherwise the machine will be unable to change frequency and can cause damage to the machine 

It is vitally important that all fluid connections are tight and cannot allow any ingress of air into the system. Air in the system will create air locks which can lead to internal corrosion and potentially cause coolant line blockages causing the machine to cut out and show ‘water lack’

The recommended coolant is on a specific mix and pH that cannot be diluted as this will lead to a pH imbalance and can cause the same corrosive issues.

We recommend you have your machine serviced between 12 and 18 months. This will prolong the life and efficiency of the machine.

Service charge is £200 plus vat and plus  any transport charges. This covers a full service and any minor parts in need of replacing. We also have a repair service and carry full spares for the full range of machines we supply.

Please be aware this cost is for the machine only, cooling systems are sold separately

Warranty information can be found here >>Induction Heater Warranty


GY-15Kw Induction Heater 

 Input voltage : 220VAC, 50Hz, Single Phase

Max input current : 32A

Output Oscillation Frequency : up to 100 KHZ

Solid State Switching

Duty cycle : 100%

 Minimum water cooling required: >0.2 MPa, 7 L/Min, <40 ºC

Dimensions:  54 X 20 X 45 (cm)

Net Weight 24kg



Additional information

Weight 500 kg


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