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FHB - robust / different/ reliable

FHB have been passionate about making guild clothing since 1947.  The 'guild' clothing is especially traditional in design and materals.

Some of the products we sell refer to 'German Leather' this material has been designed to be strong and solid like leather but comfortable like cotton.   The material used for this line of clothing was originally created in the UK (known as English Leather) born out of necessity english leather was created during the industrialisation our country to protect workers from blast furnaces and flying sparks.   Germany developed the fabric further to increase strength and durability.

All of these clothing products produced by FHB are work-wear for professional Craftsmen and are endorsed by all the workers at our Forge!

Trousers and waistcoats can be supplied in most sizes but we have limited stock. If  the size you require is not in stock then  please email us with your requirements and we can get them in for you.